Rampaging Rhinoceros- Interactive Masks & Big Puppets

A workshop performance & procession spectacle


#RAMPAGINGRHINOCEROS is the biggest crash of cardboard rhinoceros ever! Drop-in to our craft based mask making workshop and create your very own rhino head using our innovative flatpack design. Then join the rhino rampage and be part of the pandemonium! This family friendly spectacle examines extinction and remembers the white rhino through this celebratory outdoor arts event.

WARNING! You may have to take home your very own cardboard #RAMPAGINGRHINOCEROS mask.

This workshop performance continues Puppets with GUTS research into the role of mutually created objects and celebratory action in public space.

Rampaging Rhinoceros was redeveloped in 2017 with the addition of an interactive and innovative rhino mask making workshop that has been very well received by audiences and presenters. The flexibility of the masks to interactive with different audiences, ages groups and locations is very unique and audiences get to take home a beautiful object they co-author. The project is part education, performance and walkabout for the outdoors, with the optional addition of big rhinoceros puppets, a large bottom, drummers and MC.

Supported by

Commissioned and managed by Pump House Gallery, part of the OutHouse programme, delivering off-site activities and workshops across the borough of Wandsworth. Funded by Pump House Gallery, Wandsworth Council and Battersea Power Station Foundation and Arts Council England – Grants for the Arts.

Kids Create Club is supported by Enable Arts on behalf on Wandsworth Council and is a partnership between Pump House Gallery, Puppets with GUTS and the ROSE Community Centre with thanks to St George’s Primary, Griffin Primary, Yvonne Carr Centre and Carey Gardens Estate Coop.


BAC Audience Responses

“…very entertaining…”
“…funny,excellent puppets…”
“Endless possibilities… Love this!”
“Great! Just wonderfully engaging and funny.”
“…wonderfully enjoyable.”
“I have never been genuinely frightened of a puppet, until now. Amazing… honestly loved it!”
“Fantastic! Puppets look so life like, can be used for amazing things. The puppeteers were incredible – lots of hard work must have been put in.”


“Extraordinarily bizarre.”

Robin Morley
Artistic Director of SO Festival and Magnetic Events, 2013

Booking Information

Rampaging Rhinoceros- Technical Information:

  • Minimum arena ~parade route accessible public space;
  • Set-up time: 2 hours. Take-down time: 1 hour;
  • Dressing Room for 3 x people with tables, chairs,
    toilets, drinking water;
  • Onsite Workshop Tent 4m x 4m x 2m with tables and chairs;
  • Transportation plus driver from London;
  • 2 to 6 x cast travel by van, train or plane from London.
  • Image Credits- @puppetswithguts

Rampaging Rhinoceros- Booking Information

  • Rhino Cardboard Mask Workshop £400 fee per day + £2.50 per rhino mask pre-ordered* plus travel, transport, living and accommodation expenses.
  • Rampaging Rhinoceros Big Puppet and Drumming Walkabout / Procession- £900 fee per day plus travel, transport, living and accommodation expenses.
  • Promoter to supply workshop venue or large tent with walls, trestle tables & chairs, mask making volunteers, transport, travel, substance and accommodation expenses;
  • Performance Styles: Mask, Roving, Interactive, Education, Engagement Spectacle, Visual Theatre, Music, Relational, Non-verbal, Improvised.
  • Length: 2 to 4 hour workshop with short parade with percussion musicians.
  • Opportunity for value added taster workshops and bespoke Community Engagement Programme;
  • Rhino masks must be pre-ordered through PWG and are only for use on the day of delivery by PWG staff and included as part of the overall fee charged by PWG. Any addition masks required than those pre-ordered will be subject at £2.50 charge if available.
  • Scale: Small to Medium Scale Outdoor Performance within minimum arena ~parade accessible public space;
  • 2 to 6 person touring group;
  • Date Created: 2013 & 2017 and available for touring;
  • Audience Capacity: 100-2000 with low level audience interaction;
  • Audience Type: Families, Children, Young People;
  • Themes: Environment, Extinction, Animals.



Cast & Creative

Artistic Director and original concept: Ivan Thorley

Lead Designer and Puppet Maker: Nick Barnes

Percussion Musicians: Pablo Paracchino, Hal Thompson, Steve Ryan, Riccardo Castelli

Engagement and Workshop Leader: Oliver Hymans

Workshop Assistant: Charlotte Quartermaine

Design Consultation: Caroline Bowman

Performers: Iskandar Sharrazuddin, Sam Clark, Jane Crawshaw, Oliver Hymans


Previous Performances

Workshop- Rhino Mask Making and Rampage

HIDDEN HEATHBROOK, Wandsworth- May 2017

HF UNITY FEST, Hammersmith- June 2017

SUMMER OF POWER, Battersea Power Station- August 2017


Big walkabout Rhino Puppets

Gi20mins UK- 2013