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Rampaging Rhinoceros

A pair of endangered Rhinoceros is on the loose! Short sighted and occasionally bad tempered, they’ve fallen out of a nature documentary and onto the streets near you. They’re ready to stampede, eat flowers, and free themselves from they’re ludicrous Keeper. Don’t get to close or they might just break out into a funky dance routine. Two life-sized Rhinoceros puppets, and an absurd Keeper are on a journey to put the herd back together again, and to find their stolen “bottoms” from that mysterious naughty poacher. The Rampaging Rhinoceros sometimes turn on their Keeper, who then must recruit volunteers to help him regain control of these wild beasts using the ancient art of voodoo Rhino hypnosis.

The Rampaging Rhinoceros mesmerise and entertain audiences through physical performance, wallowing Rhinoceros sounds, and playful antics that the whole family can enjoy. These endangered animals are a unique and exciting outdoor act from an award winning team who’ve worked on productions such as Warhorse and the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. The Rampaging Rhinoceros inhabit a wide range of large outdoor spaces; either as roving promenade act, or performing a short cabaret dance. This dynamic act captivates and enthrals diverse audiences with their unusual, playful and contemporary spectacle. The Rampaging Rhinoceros are a fun interactive experience for your next family festival or event. 


Big, extraordinary and bizarre...”- Robin Morley, Artistic Director of SO Festival and Magnetic Events, 2013.

Photography Credit: Ivan Thorley

Rampaging Rhinoceros is an original concept developed by Puppets With Guts, with inspiration taken from Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros and Julian Barnes’ Noah’s Ark. The Rhino heads were originally designed and constructed by Rachel Salenuis and Rachel Sheppard, and further developed by Ivan Thorley and Caroline Bowman, with the additional of a large Bottom designed and made by Caroline Bowman.  Cast includes Robin Guiver (Puppet Captain), Dominic Leeder, Nicky Waters and Charlotte Quartermaine (Puppeteers).

Thanks to Ci20 commission, Remarkable Productions, SO Festival Skegness, Shoreditch Festival, and Stockton International Riverside Festival.

Photo courtesy of Remarkable Productions

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“very entertaining...”

“Funny, excellent puppets...Endless possibilities...Love this!”

“Great! Just wonderfully engaging and funny”

“wonderfully enjoyable”

“I have never been genuinely frightened of a puppet!! Until now! Amazing... honesty loved it.”

“Fantastic! Puppets look so life like, can be used for amazing things. The puppeteers were incredible- lots of hard work must have been put in.”


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Photography Credit: Rachel Salenius

Photo courtesy of Remarkable Productions

Photography Credit: Jemima Yong

Photography Credit: Jemima Yong

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