An animatronic and sonic computation immersive environment



The Birdmachine is an artificial environment created by animatronic creatures and sonic computation. Each part of the bird  is represented by a different animatronic body part and each of which chatters and communicates with the other with it’s own unique avian movements. The sound in this case becomes the body and central nervous system / brain of the “creature”, generating internal and external data using pitch, piezo microphones and frequency to evolve its behaviour. This multi-layered, dynamic and intriguing installation work is a place to explore, to imagine and listen to what the future might be like. The project challenges how we think about technical systems and how we individualise those artificial processes within them.

Supported by TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, HQ and Brisbane Festival- ‘Under the Radar’. Thanks to Brunel University, Dr Kjell Peterson, Dr David Plans, Dr Gretchen Schiller, Prof. Stelarc, The SCOPE program (Australia), my family, Alice Osborne, CSSD, The Little Angel Theatre (London), The Puppetry Centre Trust (London) and TrinityLaban (London), Brisbane Festival and HQ.

Performance Technologist / Animatronic Designer and Maker – Ivan Thorley

Sonic Arts Developer / Composer – Federico Reuben