Our Shows

From our roots in outdoor arts to becoming a provider of artistically driven event entertainment, our journey is marked by creative innovation. We celebrate audiences with joy and unite communities through big, ambitious puppetry.

We specialise in crafting shows for arts festivals, public gatherings, and corporate events.

We offer expert consultation and design services in puppetry, tailored to enhance media and film productions, theatrical performances, and exclusive events. By merging contemporary, visceral puppetry with innovative technology, we create unforgettable experiences.


Current Touring Shows:

The Lips: Dive into a world of energetic singalongs with The Lips. This show-stopping creation delivers a powerful punch of glam and glitz, perfect for festivals and standout events. Explore The Lips.

Gnomus: Meet Gnomus, our gentle giant, caretaker of the earth, and whisperer of ancient tales. Ideal for family-friendly gatherings and educational settings, Gnomus brings a touch of wonder and a call to raise environmental empathy and awareness. Discover more about Gnomus.

Firebird: A blazing finale spectacle full of colour and creativity. Perfect for cultural festivals and large-scale indoor events, Firebird promises to captivate and thrill. Uncover the magic of Firebird.

Beyond our touring projects, we collaborate on multilayered production projects, public art performances, corporate events, and film and advertising. We provide custom puppetry designs, construction, and professional puppetry services.”

Inspired? Intrigued? Involved? Enquire and let’s create something spectacular together: get in touch