The Lips

A dazzling and surreal big puppet mix-tape spectacle

Tour Dates 2021

Hat Fair, Winchester, 3 & 4 July 2021

Cloud9, Ebbsfleet, Swanscombe and Northfleet, 17 July 2021

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, London, 29 & 30 August 2021

Whirligig Festival of Outdoor Arts, Weston-super-Mare, 11 September 2021

Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth, 17 – 19 September 2021

More dates TBC.

The Lips Show

The Lips are a chorus of delightfully deviant divas whose mouths have broken free from their bodies!

A luminous outdoor mix-tape show with something to say. The Lips reanimate our favourite songs, celebrate our shared love of popular music and uphold our freedom to speak out, through a big pop-puppetry performance that is seductive yet subversive.

Highly expressive, they change colour at night-time and are best performed after sunset as a show-stopper finale to your festival or event.

The Lips Choral

We are looking for a suitable commissioning partner to work with us to deliver the premiere of the Choral Lips project, either in autumn 2021 or summer 2022.

Choral Lips will put community engagement at the heart of the project and create a bespoke peripatetic performance that celebrates communities and the places that are important to them via their shared love of singing, dancing and music making. It will engage will multiple choirs, reflecting community diversity and the richness of different singing traditions. Themes will be developed and articulated in partnership with community leaders. The climax of the performance will be structed to bring everyone – including the audience – together in one place to sing and dance.

The Lips Sing-Along

Available for booking from summer 2021, The Lips Singalong takes the original Lips show as its starting point and propels the natural inclination of Lips audiences to want to join in with the puppet divas into glorious, no-holding-back reality!

Our Music Arranger will work in advance with a choir in your area to develop suitable arrangements of songs on the Lips mix-tape. Any type of choir that is used to performing popular songs from its own culture (or cultures) is suitable and there is no restriction on age range – we can work with children’s choirs, seniors and anything between.

Our Music Arranger is an experienced choir leader who will provide song arrangements in a remote learning format, liaising with the local choir leader.  A single day of rehearsals prior to the performance day is all that is required to create dramatic vocal interventions by the choir at key moments in the show. Karaoke style LED screens displaying large easy-read song lyrics encourage audience members to join in with the rest of the songs, with an optional pyro finale finish to add to the fun.

Past Performances

The Lips have appeared at numerous festivals and events, including Enchanted Horsham, National Park City Festival, Watford Imagine Festival, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Festival of Sky Cleethorpes, and the 2019 Outdoor Arts Conference in Coventry.

Sample Mix Tape Show

I’m So Excited – The Pointer Sisters / Baby Love – The Supremes / It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls / That’s The Way I Like it – KC & The Sunshine band / Wannabe – Spice Girls / Spice up your Life – Spice Girls / Something in Your Eyes – Richard Carpenter / Madam Butterfly / Maria – West Side Story film track / I’m Alright – Rolling Stones / Single Ladies – Beyonce / Let’s Dance – David Bowie

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Cast and Creatives

Artistic Director: Ivan Thorley
Designer: Caroline Bowman
Director: Andy Dawson
Writer: Andrew McCaldon
Lighting & Technologist: Jonathan Hogg (Output Arts)
Puppet Mech Designer: Nick Barnes Puppets
Assistant Director: Sam Clark
Costume and Harness Maker: Maya Lohse
Pyrotechnics: Paul Bryce (Lightfires) and Asher Heigham
Production Management Consultant: Gab Burden
Puppet Makers: Richard Gray, Maia Kirkman-Richards, Arna Kristjansdottir and Chelsey Lee
Puppeteers: Katrina Wesseling, Iskandar Sharazuddin, Tom Wilton, Bertie Harris, Laura Reeves, Matt Rudkin
Videographers: Jack Parker, Summer Dean and Jon Purchase

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