Rampaging Rhinoceros

A big puppet walkabout act and an optional extra rhino mask making workshop



Rampaging Rhinoceros is a bizarre but highly entertaining puppet walkabout act comprising of two rhinoceros body puppets, an exhausted ‘keeper’ and a big, nobbly rhino bum. They might have split apart because of artistic differences but that is open to interpretation. Or were they humans once upon a time who have become so thick skinned, short sighted and grumpy that they morphed into rhinoceros and a giant bum? The act – better described as pandemonium – is engaging, beastly and heaps of fun.

You can also programme our drop-in rhino mask making workshop with optional parade. Scalable numbers of participants construct and decorate high-quality cardboard rhino masks, which can then be paraded at a scheduled time to create a beautiful crash of cardboard rhinoceros. Come take a mindful moment to colour in with the family, followed by a powerful procession to unite for the plight of the rhino.


“The workshop was very successful, they were all getting so into it… Really visually exciting, the kids loved having something physical to take away” – Laura Davenport, Hidden Heathbrook Producer

“I was so excited by this proposal…We’re absolutely delighted with it, something like this is a wonderful way to get people engaged and thinking about how they can take part in cultural activities and why puppetry is for everyone” – Sarah O’Donnell, Enable Arts Manager, Wandsworth

– “Extraordinarily bizarre” – Robin Morley, Magnetic Events


To read about how we engaged young people in the local community with this project, download our engagement blog here.

Cast & Creative

Artistic Director and Original Concept: Ivan Thorley

Lead Designer and Puppet Maker: Nick Barnes

Percussion Musicians: Pablo Paracchino, Hal Thompson, Steve Ryan, Riccardo Castelli

Engagement and Workshop Leader: Oliver Hymans

Workshop Assistant: Charlotte Quartermaine

Design Consultation: Caroline Bowman

Performers: Iskandar Sharrazuddin, Sam Clark, Jane Crawshaw, Oliver Hymans

Supported By

Commissioned and managed by Pump House Gallery, part of the OutHouse programme, delivering off-site activities and workshops across the borough of Wandsworth. Funded by Pump House Gallery, Wandsworth Council and Battersea Power Station Foundation and Arts Council England – Grants for the Arts.