An urban big puppet beatbox spectacle



#superhoodies is a new urban big puppet beatbox spectacle in development that creates a positive platform for young people to engage in the creation of street culture as a ‘force for good in the world’.

The future vision for the project is to create a crew of high-quality giant hoodie puppets, who beatbox and are luminously lit through dynamic internal LED lighting. The combination of big puppetry and beatboxing is a key relationship we wish to explore to create a big puppet beatbox battle spectacle.

We are seeking future commissions and partnerships with venues, festivals and arts organisations who are working with beatbox and breakdance communities, to get on board to develop and present this new multi- artform work.

Please get in touch for further info.


Cast & Creative

Artistic Director- Ivan Thorley

Pro Beatboxer- Andrew London

Workshop Facilitation- Charlotte Quartermaine

Puppet Makers- Alison Alexander and Naomi Oppenheim

Image Design- Caroline Bowman

Video- Zia Trench


Supported By

Superhoodies R&D was funded by Wandsworth Council, Enable Leisure & Culture and Battersea Power Station Foundation. Thanks to St George’s Primary and Griffin Primary schools, Carey Gardens Coop and The ROSE Community Centre.