Mock up image: four larger than life hoodie puppets, all decorated in different colours or patterns, edited to be in front of a crowd.


An urban community-engagement project with beatbox, breakdance, creative workshops and skills development

Meet: Superhoodies

The latest rehearsal and development exploration for Superhoodies was conducted between October and December 2016 through our learning and engagement programme Kids Create Club. Kids Create celebrated the creativity and talents of young people aged 8-11 years living on three housing estates in the Queenstown area of Wandsworth. Over the duration of the project the participants developed individual superhero powers, designed bespoke hoodies and were taught beatbox and breakdance skills. This work culminated in a short performance where the Superhoodie group worked together to defeat a giant (prototype) Super Villain hoodie puppet.

The future vision for the project is to create a family of high-quality big hoodie puppets, who beatbox, break dance and are luminously lit through dynamic internal LED lighting. The combination of big puppetry and beatboxing is a key relationship we wish to explore to create a spectacular big puppet beatbox spectacle. Developing the relationship between big puppet and street culture is key to our reaching new audiences and celebrating talent in overlooked communities.

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Cast and Creatives

Artistic Director: Ivan Thorley
Pro Beatboxer: Andrew London
Workshop Facilitation: Charlotte Quartermaine
Puppet Makers: Alison Alexander and Naomi Oppenheim
Image Design: Caroline Bowman
Video: Zia Trench
Cast: The awesome kids of Patmore, Carey Gardens and Savona Estates in Nine Elms Wandsworth.

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