The Water Temple

“We are all bodies of water” Astrida Neimanis (Hydrofeminism: Or on becoming a body of water)

The Water Temple mission is to provide an environmental and cultural platform that inspires communities to engage with water and healthy landscapes through collaboration, education programmes and spectacular outdoor arts activity.

A unique architectural structure, The Water Temple is a travelling hydro-venue created that rehabilitates degraded landscapes and celebrates water as an ancient form that connects all life on earth. An immersive outdoor arts installation, The Water Temple encourages audiences to examine our unique relationship to water through a programme of polyphonic soundscapes, integrated lighting design and site responsive performance rituals, culminating in an uplifting cloud spectacle made of mist, light and sound.

The Water Temple will tour to different locations across the UK and beyond, showcasing the properties of bamboo as a leading sustainable building material of the future, instigating local action to rehabilitate degraded landscapes, highlighting water inequality, and improving sustainability practices.

The Water Temple was originally conceptualised by internationally-renowned artist Ivan Thorley (Puppets with Guts, War Horse, Strange Fruit) and developed in partnership with emerging German architect Antonia Lippmann. Emerging female producer Lara Costello has assisted on the creative development of the project.

In 2022 we attended the Imagine Bamboo UK Submit created by Imagineer Productions lead by Orit Azaz in Birmingham, presented as part of the 2022 Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival. There we engaged with bamboo experts from Bamboo U from Bali, Indonesia, Cave Urban from Australia, Rhizome Design from India and bamboo engineering specialists Atelier One.

We are currently seeking funding, commissioning partners and support for this project, if you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch