Water Temple

Conceptual design for an elevated bathhouse that explores water as cultural material

Meet: Water Temple

“The Water Temple project reimagines our shared relationship with water in public spaces.”

Antonia Lippmann and Ivan Thorley

The Water Temple is an illuminated water temple structure designed for people to interact with in public space. Installed consisting of Mikado-like recycled wooden beams constricted at the centre, this One-Joint-Construction cradles a moon-shaped pool, cradling a translucent basin or reservoir.

This concept structure invites participants to float in the elevated illuminated heated pool, where water is held on a transparent lining. When participants are bathing, their floating bodies are visible from the ground. Underneath the structure, participants interact with watery cascades and relax within an enclosed heated sanctuary.

This simple, harmonious architectural design allows multiple perspectives to be experienced, alongside an emotive soundscape, responsive lighting and contemporary performance ritual.

The structure acts as a catalyst for exploring water as an interactive material and examines water as a living entity, as cultural being and something central to our lives. The project is a multi-dimensional water spectacle where different artistic approaches and cultural engagement can exist.

What’s Next for Water Temple?

This piece is in development and we are seeking commissioning partners. If you are interested in this opportunity, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch.