A crowd of children on the grass, reaching out to touch two yellow-orange puppets of giant squid tentacles, both controlled by one puppeteer.

Learning & Engagement

Puppets with Guts seeks to mobilise and transform communities through high-impact creative engagement programmes that run parallel to the themes of our shows.

We work dynamically with communities, delivering interactive workshops where participants co-create objects, animate materials, explore creative practices and develop their skills. These activities can range from a one-off workshop through to long-term participatory programme and can take many forms. We always ensure our work is accessible and inclusive, listening closely to the needs of a particular community or place and formulating opportunities for creative reflection, skills development and mutual celebration. We work closely with commissioners, stakeholders, community members and participants to ensure we deliver the educational curriculum or engagement programme that best suits your needs.

If you would like to discuss how our learning and engagement programmes might work for you, please get in touch